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History of Chiropractic and CLEAR

Dr. Dennis Woggon

Dr. Dennis Woggon is the founder of CLEAR Institute, a non-profit organization. CLEAR Institute specializing in using a non-surgical, non-brace, non-evasive to correct and reduce scoliosis curvature. It started one day when one of Dr. Woggon friend’s daughter got scoliosis and had tried traditional Medical Care and Chiropractic Care with no significant Scoliosis reduction. His friend who is a Chiropractor himself ask Dr. Woggon for help to try to solve this thousands year old condition/disease called scoliosis. Being an instructor at Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa, USA, Dr. Woggon accept this great challenge and began reading and doing extensive research on Scoliosis. Because of his background in Anatomy, physiology, and most important of all, Spinal Bio-Mechanics and Engineering, he is the perfect candidate for this challenge. It took years of research and inventing to come up with a formula that could consistently reduce Scoliosis Curvature. Not only is Dr. Woggon a great Doctor, but he is also an awesome human being. On March 11, 2011, we had a 9.0 earthquake, one of the strongest earthquake ever recorded in Japan and fourth strongest ever recorded in the world (on record). Dr. Dennis Woggon was one of the first person who offer help and soon after send supplies to Japan. One of Dr. Dennis Woggon’s dream is to “change the world” for the better. The world is better because of Dr. Dennis Woggon’s hard world and compassion for mankind. I believe if more people were like him, this world would be a better place.
“Without Dr. Dennis Woggon I would not be interested in doing Scoliosis Correction. He inspired me to be a better healer in the area of Scoliosis Correction. The CLEAR Scoliosis Method follows the Philosophy of Chiropractic that Reduce the Scoliosis Curvature from Above-Down, Inside-Out. It works because it goes after the root of the problem.”
Dr. Hugh Van Kieu

DD (Daniel Davie) Palmer

DD Palmer (March 7, 1845 – October 20, 1913) was the founder of chiropractic. Palmer was born in Pickering, near Toronto, Canada. In 1895 DD Palmer encountered a janitor, Harvey Lillard, in Davenport, Iowa, whose hearing was impaired. DD Palmer successfully restored the man's hearing with Spinal Adjustment. And that is how Chiropractic was started.

BJ (Bartlett Joshua) Palmer

B.J. was son of Daniel David Palmer ("D.D."), the founder of chiropractic. He was born in What Cheer, Iowa on September 10, 1882 and died on May 21, 1961. He is best known as the “developer of chiropractic”. The chiropractic foundation of Science, Art and Philosophy of today was developed by BJ Palmer. Millions of people quality of life has improved because of what he has accomplished as a chiropractic pioneer in a time when advancement of ideas in all areas was at its infancy stage. Areas such as automotive, industrial, X-Ray technology and of course Natural Chiropractic Healing was just beginning to be developed. What make chiropractic different than most other healing arts, including medicine, is the Art and Philosophy.
“Without DD and BJ Palmer…I would not be a Doctor of Chiropractic who uses both my mind and body to heal my fellow man. I feel humble and fortunate to be given the opportunity to learn the healing Art of Chiropractic and feel that it is a privileged to give Chiropractic Care to people who cares about going after the root of the problem.”
Dr. Hugh Van Kieu