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American Football and Rugby

American Football / Rugby Injury

One of the most recognizable celebrity/ athletes, holder of four Super bowl rings, three Super bowl's MVP's and Player's of the year in 1990has just agreed to become the spoke person for Chiropractic in the State of California.
"Chiropractic care works for me. I've been seeing a chiropractor and he's really been helping me out a lot. Chiropractic's been a big part of my game."
- Joe Montana
Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, winner of Three Super Bowls, Super Bowl's MVP and NFL league's MVP(the best individual award for a player), regularly get Chiropractic care.

Chiropractor As Sports Team Doctor

Chiropractic can give your athletic endeavors an edge. That's why you'll find chiropractors as "team doctors" for professional, college, high school, junior high and elementary school football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, handball, rugby, soccer and weightlifting teams. That's also why chiropractic has been used by champions : Drew Pearson and Joe Montana of football ; and Robert Parish and Jeff Hornacek of basketball, and so on. American football and rugby players can potentially injure anyone of the moving joints in the body, such as neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, back, ribs, hip, knee, ankle. Due to the high velocity nature of the sport most common subluxation (misalignment) associates with american football and rugby player are the neck, low back, knees, shoulders and ribs. Subluxation can potentially cause nerve damage to the injure area. When this occurs, the player's level of competition decreases due to diminish function to the muscles and joints. Correcting subluxation cause by the high velocity collision in American football and rugby is what chiropractors are awesome at doing. Words can not describe the benefit of correcting subluxation through a precise chiropractic adjustment. The body will thank you when it's straight and working properly.

Athletes and Cervical Injuries

Serious cervical spine injuries among athletes (e.g., fractures, dislocations) generally occur as a result of axial loading. Whether resulting from a hockey player pushed into the boards head first, a football player striking an opponent with the crown of his helmet, youth soccer "header" injuires, or a poorly executed dive into a shallow body of water where the subject strikes his or her head on the bottom, the fragile cervical spine is compressed between the rapidly decelerated head and the continued momentum of the body.

Neck Injuries

Cervical disk injuries in football are injuries associated with neurological deficits, radicular symptoms, or radiological evidence of disk degeneration, but not with a fracture or a dislocation of the cervical spine. The majority of the radicular signs and symptoms are from the fourth and fifth cervical root. The roentgenographic changes are most common at the fourth and fifth intervertebral disk spaces. Most of the cases respond well to adjustments and simple cervical collar and cervical traction. The athletes who present with radicular signs and symptoms may require up to five months to return to full sports activities, and 60% of these may have residual symptoms after completion of treatment.

Four Important Elements

Our 'Total Healthcare System' focused on 4 important elements.


Chiropractor are experts in restoring biomechanic balance to the body. Most or all chiropractors, professional and amateur athletes would agree that high intensity physical competition requires that your body has to be in total balance. The slightest off balance could mean the difference between victory and defeat


Eating right and providing your body with all the proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals are essential for all athletes. We only use the highest in quality supplements.
Our supplements are:
  • High quality guaranteed by FDA,
  • Developed and researched by Doctors
  • Have a high percentage absorption rate for the body


Exercise is important for everyone, including and especially for athletes. Having a work out routine specifically to improve your performance in your sporting event(s) is what all athletes want.


bones+beyond offers the highly effective non-surgical vision treatment for athletes. When you are at the verge of winning or losing, the slightest advantage will matter. Vision skills are important in sports performance, whether you play golf, boxing or K-1 fighting, baseball, and basketball or racket sports. Most of what we understand about our surrounding environment is experienced through our eyes, rather than our other sensory organs. When searching into the more totaled physical training, the vision training is indispensable.