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Tennis Players

Tennis Player

"A chiropractor was instrumental in putting my body back together. Since then I've visited the chiropractor many times for a variety of problems & solutions. As Americans become more aware of the need for preventive medicine, alternative therapies will play a bigger role in our lives. After all, people like what works."
- Martina Navratilova

Tennis elbow

The damage that tennis elbow incurs consists of tiny tears in a part of the tendon and in muscle coverings.

Recurring Tears

After the initial injury heals, these areas often tear again, which leads to hemorrhaging and the formation of rough, granulated tissue and calcium deposits within the surrounding tissues. Collagen, a protein, leaks out from around the injured areas, causing inflammation. The resulting pressure can cut off the blood flow and pinch the radial nerve, one of the major nerves controlling muscles in the arm and hand.

Decrease Oxygen

Tendons, which attach muscles to bones, do not receive the same amount of oxygen and blood that muscles do, so they heal more slowly. In fact, some cases of tennis elbow can last for years, though the inflammation usually subsides in 6 to 12 weeks. Many medical textbooks treat tennis elbow as a form of tendonitis, which is often the case, but if the muscles and bones of the elbow joint are also involved, then the condition is called epicondylitis. However, if you feel pain directly on the back of your elbow joint, rather than down the outside of your arm, you may have bursitis, which is caused when lubricating sacs in the joint become inflamed. If you see swelling, which is almost never a symptom of tennis elbow, you may want to investigate other possible conditions, such as arthritis, infection, gout or a tumor.

Four Important Elements

Our 'Total Healthcare System' focused on 4 important elements


Chiropractors are experts in restoring biomechanic balance to the body. Most or all chiropractors, professional and amateur athletes would agree that high intensity physical competition requires that your body has to be in total balance. The slightest off balance could mean the difference between victory and defeat.


Eating right and providing your body with all the proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals are essential for all athletes. That is why we recommend all athletes be tested for deficiency in vitamins and minerals. Dr. Kieu uses an original method in seeking out what the body need and what it doesn't want.


Exercise is important for everyone, including and especially for athletes. Having a workout routine specifically to improve your performance in your sporting event(s) is what all athletes want.


bones+beyond offers the highly effective non-surgical vision treatment for athletes. When you are at the verge of winning or losing, the slightest advantage will matter. Vision skills are important in sports performance, whether you play golf, boxing or K-1 fighting, baseball, and basketball or racket sports. Most of what we understand about our surrounding environment is experienced through our eyes, rather than our other sensory organs. When searching into the more totaled physical training, the vision training is indispensable.