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Scoliosis Treatment Charges

The overall cost of your scoliosis treatment will be determined on the basis of an initial examination by our CLEAR certified doctor.

■Costs of the first visit

IncludesInitial Exam, X-ray analysis (10~ 13 X-rays), and consultation including lifestyle guidance20,572Yen
X-rays X-rays will be taken at the facilities of Bones + Beyond's affiliated medical institution, with payment in cash (only) to be made directly to the affiliated institution. ※11,080 yen per view (Usually 10-13 views)
The overall cost of treatment will be based on the patient's curvature and other aspects of the patient's condition.

■After completion of the treatment, we will take a 2nd set of X-rays consisting of 4-5 X-rays and compare them with the 1st set of X-rays.

Report of findingsX-ray analysis (including comparison of 1st and 2nd set of X-rays) and related consultation2,057Yen
2nd set of X-raysX-rays will be taken at the same affiliated medical institution used for 1st set ※11,080Yen per view (Usually 2-4 views)
Scoliosis treatment will normally be carried out in a series of 2 cycles ※2 of treatment per day (with adjustments made depending on patient's availability and other factors when necessary). The total number of visits will differ according to the severity of the scoliosis. We will present an overall treatment plan during the patient's first visit.

※1 At Bones & Beyond, we will create a plan to reduce scoliosis curvature of the spine which has already been diagnosed by a medical doctor. We DO NOT, ourselves, make a diagnosis of scoliosis or of any other medical condition, in accordance with Japanese law.
※2 Each cycle of treatment takes about 2.5-3 hours.

■Additional costs

The following will be needed for at-home rehabilitation activities:
balance cushion 14,400Yen
weight belt1,543Yen
made-to-order equipment10,286Yen
The above is a summary of the general cost of scoliosis treatment. Depending on the patient's particular scoliosis condition, items required for exercise may change.